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Barideals’s Deals Sale is an opportunity to walk away with some spectacular products, at amazingly low prices. The products will be unlocked for purchase at random times. To know when, register and follow our website, and our Social Media pages.

Terms & Conditions


  • The participant should have made a minimum of one purchase from Barideals.com prior to the Deals Sale participation.
  • The participant should be above the age of 18, and a resident of Pakistan
  • Each participant is allowed to make only one purchase from the Deals Sale deals.
  • Automated Purchasing Systems cannot be used to make purchases from the Deals Sales.
  • All Deals Sale purchases must be paid for online. In case of non-payment, Barideals.com reserves the right to cancel the order without any communication or liability to the customer.
  • The participant has to provide a legit CNIC for authentication, and a valid phone number as the same will be used to confirm the order. The order will be cancelled if the information provided is found to be false or inaccurate.
  • If the call from Barideals.com goes unanswered by the participant, the order for the Deals Sale product will be cancelled.
  • Stocks are limited, and will be allotted on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Purchases made from Barideals Deals Sale deals cannot be transferable, or exchanged for cash or any other products.
  • By participating in the Deals Sale, the buyer confirms to be in agreement with the stated Terms and Conditions.
  • Barideals.com will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, or dissatisfaction faced by the participant purchasing from the Deals Sale deals, or as a result from participating or accepting the same.
  • BARIDEALS.com and affiliated employees are not eligible to make a purchase from the Deals Sale deals.
  • By participating in Barideals.com Deals Sale you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (which may be amended at any time). Any entries not complying with these terms and conditions will not be valid.
  • Barideals.com reserves the right to reject any entry if it has grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions, acted fraudulently or illegally, or on other reasonable grounds and shall have no liability to an entrant for any loss or damage arising from such rejection.
  • Barideals.com reserves the right to change the color or model of the winning Deals sale item
  • We make no warranty or representation, express or implied, in relation to the Products. All implied warranties or conditions of satisfactory quality and completeness are hereby excluded.
  • We retain the right to terminate this Deals sale at any time.
  • By participating in the Deals sale it’s agreed that their identity will be disclosed in winner announcements, promotional material and other marketing promotions too.
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